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Estate and Trust Litigation

Cross & Simon, LLC regularly represents parties in estate and trust disputes, including the interests of beneficiaries, as well as the interests of executors, personal representatives, trustees and other fiduciaries. Whether pursuing or defending claims for or against an estate, our attorneys passionately represent the client and protect the client’s interest. Examples of our representations include:

  • Will contests and challenges to the validity of a will (e.g. testamentary capacity, undue influence, proper execution);
  • The transfer and title of assets;
  • Accounts by Executors and Trustees;
  • Management and/or distribution of Trust assets;
  • Fiduciary duties;
  • Removal of Trustees or Personal Representatives;
  • Estate administration;
  • Trust administration.

Our experience in litigation and fiduciary matters allows us to provide efficient and effective service at a reasonable rate. If you have a question, concern or dispute regarding an estate or trust matter, please contact us to discuss the circumstances and how we may be of assistance to you.


Cross & Simon, LLC has also represented individuals seeking the appointment of a guardian, as well as proposed wards (and others) that either oppose the appointment of a guardian, or seek the termination of the guardianship because the individual’s capacity has improved and a guardian is no longer needed. Our firm also handles litigation that may arise as a result of mismanagement or abuse on the part of the guardian.

Guardianship matters can be emotionally draining on clients, and sometimes very contentious due to familial conflicts. Through our experience, we understand the importance of providing considerate and steady counsel to clients during the guardianship process. Please contact us to discuss the circumstances and how we may be of assistance to you.